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joe dallesandro blood for draculaLike Tamara Dobson below, I have been wanting to make Joe Dallesandro a pick for years, but felt I couldn't fully appreciate or understand his beauty until I had seen one of his films. So, we finally saw Blood for Dracula and, expecting absolute horridness, I was instead surprised by how much terrible, campy fun it all was. I was also surprised when Little Joe opens his mouth.

In a film drowning in various extreme and often impossible to understand accents, Paul Morrissey lets Joe keep his thick Brooklyn accent to call people “dopes”, “high falutin''” and “who-arrs” (whores). It's quite jarring and laughably out of place in his role as an Italian stable boy which allows him to be draped in workman's leather than would make Rick Owens weak in the knees.

Here his long locks are shortened but he makes up for it my being naked a lot – it's little wonder that the spazoid Count Dracula (played with wild, lighting bolt enthusiasm by Udo Kier) can't find a “wur-gin” (virgin) in the whole county with this brutish stud on the prowl.

A tough street kid who stumbled into his career as an actor just as he did his career as a hustler, Dallesandro lived by his good looks which made Andy Warhol, The Rolling Stones (it's his bulging crotch that graces the cover of Sticky Fingers) and others take notice . You can almost hear Warhol muttering over his perfect face and body. His life has taken him from juvenile rehab to art house stardom and back down to addiction before again bringing him to cult classic status.

While I can't call his acting brilliant, I can say there is a definite allure and charisma to the man?- maybe it's just the fact that he's the most purely good looking person I've ever mentioned here, and after the pleasant surprise of Blood For Dracula (let's just call it an added bonus pick of the week for fans of camp) I look forward to delving more into his collaborations with his mentor Paul Morrissey.

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Posted on January 5, 2009

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