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james jimmy stewartI was all set to make room for Bing Crosby here until I read that he may have beat his sons with oranges a la The Grifters and suddenly his ostensible spirit of a White Christmas, corncob pipes, Santa outfits and classic carols fizzled. I of course have no definitive way of confirming or denying his fatherly behavior, but to be on the safe side, lets just say hello to the universally known to be kind and generous star of that holiday classic “It's a Wonderful Life”, James Stewart.

A tall, unique good hearted man, Stewart has played memorable characters in great films like Harvey, Anatomy of a Murder, After the Thin Man and Rope (playing a rare “bad guy” in both of these), the excellent Rear Window, Vertigo, and my possible favorite (with tough competition from Rear Window) The Philadelphia Story where he gets to throw off his wit and sense of humor.

His hometown of Indiana Pennsylvania has a Museum in his honor and last year he was featured on a postal stamp. His role in It's A Wonderful Life will be warming hearts all over this holiday season.

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Posted on December 22, 2008

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