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jimmy corrigan the smartest kid on earthThis stunning masterpiece is so entrenched in the lexicon of arty people, so revered and adored, that you can almost forget the work itself. I have been rereading it before bedtime and am again totally taken in and entranced by not only the beauty of the art, which is almost unreal, but the gutwrentching poignancy of the story.

Corrigan is a lonely middle aged man who once dreamed of becoming a super hero. He talks to his overbearing mother and is invited to visit a father he never knew. One of Ware's greatest achievements in the book is his ability to convey this story without using a conventional linear narrative and therefore a panel that follows a bird's flight from tree to tree means as much as the first exchange of words between father and son.

This book is rare also in that it deserves every single mound and heap of praise its ever gotten and will continue to get.

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Posted on June 25, 2007

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