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jim steranko pin up girlThe more I learn about the life and work of Jim Steranko, the more honored and excited I am that I got to meet him. As a young man, he was a stage performer; he ate fire and performed slight of hand tricks! (a talent that probably helped him for a while as he commited a string of burglaries as a teen).

He was a magian in his twenties and, according to Wikipedia, he claims to have put the first go-go girls on stage when he was in a rock and roll band. He's always loved the ladies. I could tell by looking at him, even at 69, he's an obvious lady killer. Pompodoured grey hair, shining white teeth, and a sharp white suit. I was blushing as he signed the gorgeous pin up calendar he illustrated (pictured).

That calendar is one of the many projects he took on after leaving his brief but insanely influential stint in the comics biz. He was the man who added pop art and surrealism to comics, always pushing the grapic envelope with his Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. He was innovative not only in the drawing style, but he played with layouts and even incorporated photocollage in his work.

By the mid seventies he was only doing covers for comics, but had branched out to publishing, painting, and conceptual art. Jim Steranko is the man who defiened the look of Indiana Jones!?And he did conceptual work for the exquisite looking Draculca by Coppola.

Is this guy just the greatest or what?!

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Posted on April 28, 2008

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