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jim lehrer birthday partyKids get into weird things. I got into Frank Frazetta super early, wanted to be Ray Parker Jr once for Halloween. I also went through a big 1950s phase (what kid can resist the dynamic duo of River & Corey in Stand by Me and the atmosphere of Fuddruckers?).

An ex of mine had a boyhood crush on Paula Poundstone. Mike recalls a kid in his class who, never having heard of Star Wars (which everyone else was way into) donned the lone Dune backpack in kindergarten.

I had a cousin who wanted to be a house when he grew up and I heard about a little girl that wanted to be a bagel for Halloween.. Yep, kids can get into pretty weird stuff.

But perhaps the weirdest and funniest is the young Mr. Henry Schally, young as in three years old. He's so obsessed with Jim Lehrer, who he calls “Jimmy Jimmy Bo Bo”, that his parents had to throw a NewsHour birthday party for the tot.

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Posted on July 28, 2008

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