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From the Denton empire, that includes Gawker and Defamer which can each get a bit too snarky at time for my stomach,?rises Jezebel, a brilliant website aimed at women, but not in that way that television and Hollywood “aim” things at women but as a genuinely engaging site that intelligent real women with a sense of humor would (and do) want to read.

I hope they're not ashamed to call themselves a feminist website, because it's time that word lost its negative connotations. It really just means you believe that women are equal to men, and since we are equal we deserve equally great blogs to read.?

Jezebel covers real issues like politics but isn't embarrassed by their love for feminine things. They delight in diving into other subjects like fashion (which they cover like pros, citing and praising Italian Vogue instead of something like Lucky magazine), celebrity (never, ever getting bitchy about weight but fairly pointing out their bull—-), and in one of my favorite recurring columns, Fine Lines, about young adult books (like this week's Forever) that we read in our pre teen years.

There are also Project Runway and America's Next Top Model breakdowns, and constantly keep us up to date with interesting tidbits of the world's going ons.

This is one of the best blogs out there, and a small victory in positive female voices in media that I can revel in compared to the dismal female characters I've encountered in all the new fall TV shows: Bone thin, humorless women who are far far too young for their jobs and painfully dull. Sure their meant to be strong (clearly – they're all wearing ass-boring suits) but do they all have to be so cardboard?

Is this the best roles they can come up with for women, god it almost makes one?praise The Closer (which started as a guilty pleasure for Jim until it became just too, too terrible to continue watching, but still, at least they let her have a personality even though its as a neurotic shrew who loves candy). But?I digress.

Read Jezebel.

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Posted on November 3, 2008

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