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jessica mcclintock gunne saxVintage Jessica McClintock has had quite a resurgence in the past decade?thanks to designers like Anna Sui and Marc Jacobs who have been inspired by her crafty dresses. It's a resurgence I fully embrace no matter how dreadfully trendy it is (and dated). I'm sure many of you, like me, however remember when Jessica McClintock was a current name, a name that meant something.

Nothing felt more special than running my hands across that flourished embroidered label. Jessica McClintock, Jessica McClintock?Who was this mystical woman? (and what is a Gunne Sax?)

I am sure I imagined her awaking in a canopy bed in her estate surrounded by gardens, ponies, and a romantic haze. From this photo, looks like I wasn't far off. Good for you Jessica. I also probably assumed she lived in Richmond, Virginia -?a town I inexplicably thought of as the nicest place on earth and where I wanted to live when I grew up.

She actually lives in San Fransisco and from this rare interview, seems just as batty and totally awesomely fun as you would hope. The article begins with her asking for more cleavage and ends with her being greeted by her butler who serves her vodka tonics, cheese and crackers on a silver tray.

I love her.

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Posted on February 18, 2008

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