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jericho of scotland yardIf you heeded my strong recommendation of the sea faring adventure series, Horatio Hornblower, good guy Robert Lindsay will be familiar to you. Here he plays a man completely devoted to his life as a detective. Great news for victims of crime in London, 1958, not so good news for criminals or for his personal life.

Jericho was meant to be a new big BBC hit for fans of Foyle's War and Inspector Morse, but despite good actors, nice art direction, and decent murder plots that aren't easy to figure out on your own, it failed to garner a second season after loosing lots of it's viewership to other more modern mystery shows and unlike America's (totally unrelated) Jericho, cult fans were not around to save it from it's demise.

It was aired a couple years ago on PBS and is available on DVD, so netflix it if you're a fan of British mysteries. It's not life changing, but good for afternoon easy viewing and Lindsay really is a treat to watch.

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Posted on October 13, 2008

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