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jeremy piven an asshole in indiaOh how far stars fall when we find out they're huge assholes. Remember when Kevin Spacey, so not the smug uptight guy who would later star in K Pax in an attempt to grab another award, was just a scrappy actor out of nowhere who thanked his mom with earnest glee? Or Paul Giamatti when he was a likable schlep, not a pompous John Adams or everyman Cleveland Meeks (though to be honest, he still seems like an okay guy who's just picking roles in an attempt to make me hate him.)

The worst fallen idol has got to be Jeremy Piven. Once the refreshing, smirking grown kid in Grosse Point Blank and The Larry Sanders Show, he gained great reknown as Ari Gold on the (pretty unbearable) Entourage. Everyone thought he was doing such an amazing job playing a jerk until we all realized it was maybe a bit more real life and a little less acting when he and a rowdy, terrible group of 12 friends ate dinner out at Nobu and only tipped with a DVD of Entourage, getting himself banned from the restaurant.

He dates top models, or correction! He dates the runner ups to Americas next Top Model, he gets in slap fights with Stephen Dorff because he cut in the bathroom line (man, that is the Blood God your messing with!), so why wouldn't we want to be schooled by the self proclaimed “pretty girl” in Buddhist teachings and take A Journey of a Lifetime with him for several hours? Why to hear him complain about how other Hollywood types are shallow because they don't go to India, it could also according to this thread makes a great “drinking game with the amount of times he said “nameste” to passersby – two drinks if he hits on someone inappropriately.”

This guy really out did himself with such a self indulgent joke of a show. I mean, I also caught episodes of Outsiders Inn; the sad, sad reboot of At the Movies (now for idiots! Thanks Josh and Josh); and the decline of HBO – True Blood anyone or how about Tell Me You Love Me?! But Piven's shitty TV show takes the cake.

I have to admit, I did you all a disservice by not watching all of this program – but just take a look at this two minute intro and I think you'll forgive me. At this point, though, I wish I had stuck with it a little longer so I could detail the antics for you, and as of right now the program is not airing on its original network, Discovery HD, anytime soon. But seriously, if it does air again, I'm up for that drinking game – if we can in fact actually keep it on for more than half an hour.

No journey has been this dislikable since his co-star Adrian Grenier made a documentary himself (in which he still managed to be on camera the whole time) about the journey to find his father – I wonder how many twenty year old girls fell into his bed for that sob story.

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Posted on November 10, 2008

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