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It might seem difficult at the very least to exude any personality at all, let alone charm, in a career built on using ones environment to beat up multiple men (including girl tossing) and driving super, super fast – but with limited grunts and an occasional smirk, Jason Statham does it in spades.

He will always remind me of a few women I used to work with who were smitten enough with his undeniably manly ways to see any piece of crap he was in (for the record: in my book? Transporter = good crap, Crank 2 High Voltage = just crap). He’s also made a name for himself in several of the Guy Ritchie movies, which may mean that I’ll just have to finally see that movie Snatch everyone was talking about a decade ago (does it spoil it if I already know Brad talks funny?). Who knows, I might even netflix The Expendables if my recent need for watching dumb stuff continues. (A need currently being fulfilled by several seasons of the incomparable Silk Stalkings).

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Posted on October 8, 2010

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