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james ensor skeletons fightingThe James Ensor exhibit at Moma has drawn many viewers with its intriguing images of Skeletons Fighting. The first room, however, with the very competent but run of the mill landscapes and portraits doesn't quite live up to expectations. Soon, however, the work becomes far more interesting and bizarre with skulls and wild imagery of scary masks.

Ensor's astonishing work is creepy, detailed, and funny – I chuckled particularly over his etching of a skeleton called Self Portrait in 1960. Most of his work shown is from the late 1890s but they seem so modern in their look and subject matter.

The show is worth the admission alone and is open until the 21st of September. When you stop in, keep an eye out for my favorite pieces, both called Bad Doctors.

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Posted on August 10, 2009

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