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Dancing Gangster

From dangerous wise guy to fancy footed musical man, the uniquely manly James Cagney has had several faces in his varied career. Born on the Lower East Side, he was a real life tough guy before playing one in gangster films. And while it seems strange that a sex symbol would be born out of smashing a grapefruit in a woman’s face, here we are. Cagney’s real life persona was a far cry from a brute though. He stayed with his wife his entire life and was once s left leaning liberal (like so many, he veered more to the right the older he got). Also, in a very modern man move, he stayed out of the spotlight by purchasing his own farm where he would retire to often throughout his life. Plus, he’s got that crazy hair wave that defies explanation and makes me so happy.

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Posted on August 15, 2010

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