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ivo and luluA whirlwind of exotic flavor combinations and lovely presentation that you would expect to pay a hefty price for, but Ivo and Lulu is reasonably priced and BYOB.

The small yet perfected menu is French Caribbean which includes culinary masterpieces like Roast Duck Leg Confit in Mango marinade with couscous and a divine, spicy rendition of Escargot that was my favorite taste of the night. Begin the end of the evening with the coconut flan… finish the end of the evening in the temporarily BYOB “bar” next door–a room that does not have a liquor license but welcomes Ivo and Lulu customers to sit and lounge.

You might have the pleasure of meeting some colorful characters there, a man named Justice in particular (you will know him by the tattoo on his neck that says “Justice”).

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Posted on December 11, 2006

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