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Isabelle AdjaniI'm sure I won't gain much admiration for saying it and I apologize right now to my beloved Werner Herzog, but I felt flat asleep during Nosferatu. I caught enough to appreciate the beauty of Isabelle Adjani though, a brilliant casting choice that makes Francis Ford Coppola seem like brain dead by comparison to cast the tepid but totally cute (and don't get me wrong, the best of the thieving celebrities), Noni Ryder, when the seductive role really requires all that jazz that Adjani's got in spades.

A sultry pout, alabaster skin, a tempting neck, expressive eyes, a love life that has included Daniel Day Lewis… Adjani, who was catapulted to fame when Francois Truffaut cast her in The Story of Adele H., will also make you crush out in The Tenant, a great film the first time you watch it, a less impressive noble experiment the second.

Plus, this woman was born in 1955 and looks more seductive than most of young Hollywood. Maybe there were other reasons she was cast as an undead–is it possible for even someone French to look this good at 52?

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Posted on October 29, 2007

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