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irish coffeeMy parents must have rejoiced when they discovered Irish Coffee because even I as a kid was getting sick of bartenders not knowing how to make a keoki coffee. The Irish coffee is a much more popular hot coffee and whiskey drink and tastes like heaven with Jameson. My mom brought back a special reserve Jameson from her trip to Ireland and I believe, if memory serves, that a round of Irish coffees were the first time my whole immediate family got a bit boozy together.

The town where the beverage is rumored to have been invented, Foynes, no longer functions as the sea and aviation port it once was, but their claim to fame can still get you flying high. There are a couple places in town where the Irish coffee is recommended, but I haven't tried them yet, so go at your own risk. You can always make them yourself, here's how.

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Posted on May 7, 2007

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