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iofferPrompted by this weeks funny video (thank, Astrid for the link), a clip from a wild Japanese horror film called Hausu, I went online searching for a copy of it on DVD. This search led me directly to my new obsession – ioffer, where countless rare movies and oddities can be found.

I believe my friend Matthew (author of the spy blog Double O Section) recommended this to me before and I really should have heeded his advice sooner. The site is awesome. I've been spending hours figuring out what to buy. This seller, see offers five DVDs for forty dollars and there's lots to choose from. Hausu is an obvious choice and how intriguing is the description for Zoo Zero:

“Bizarre, and stylish art house curio starring Klaus Kinski as the director of a zoo that becomes a degenerate cabaret after hours.”

Wow. Also thinking I need this rare Andy Sidaris movie, Seven. By the way, you owe it to yourself to watch his masterpiece Hard Ticket to Hawaii. It's like the Citizen Kane of 80's soft core adventure movies.

Plus, and I don't think I have to over state what a big deal this is to me, I have found a seller with the ENTIRE Swan's Crossing series. Yes, my search is over! And I'm not done yet.. there are still all the unreleased episodes of Nickelodeon's Third Eye, a rare sci fi series that sparked my imagination as a kid.

Basically ioffer is excellent.

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Posted on March 23, 2009

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