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Invite Them UpYou don't know how many silences I had to endure on the phone when I was asking if anyone wanted to go see some stand up comedy.

I'm sure they were envisioning men in jeans and sports coats with their sleeves rolled up saying things like “Why do women always go to the bathroom together? What are they doin' in there? Cause I don't know about you, but when my wife spends hours in the bathroom she comes out looking exactly the same!” with nothing but three required watered down drinks in front of you on a table with a candle and a checkered table cloth to get you through the night.

But I finally convinced a few friends that this would be nothing like that at all and, thankfully, I was correct. This weekly show is a bargain at $5.00 with no drink minimums, and no carrot tops. There really, honestly is such a thing as good stand up comedy and Invite Them Up showcases most of the best that is happening right now. Bobby Tisdale and Eugene Mirman (major crush) host an array of wildly funny people including Michael Showalter, Demetri Martin, and Chelsea Peretti.

Get there early, because even though this evening of funny is still under the radar, it gets packed by the time the doors open. I guarantee it is one of the best ways to spend $5 in the city.

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Posted on November 27, 2006

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