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Like Twitter it took me a while to “get” Instagram (and not just me judging by how many friends have posted one or no photos).

Not only does it have it’s own language, the purpose is individual.

I’ve found that it’s a lovely way to document the days. Like a visual journal. Glimpsing others’ lives is also fun.

Sure, it’s strange at first to share images with the public, but unless you put effort into getting followers you won’t have too many looking anyways.

The filters are great and the coolest part is that you apply them after the photo is taken and get previews before applying them.

It takes some of the surprise of say a Polaroid or even the Hipstamatic away but at the same time you won’t lose a great photo to a bad filter.

If you want to get started with a few good people to follow let me recommend:

Manrepeller – style shots with lots of rad jewelry

Freepeople – serious office envy

Cocorocha – super model life

Davidlebovitz – Paris food awesomeness

Miwaramone – dreamy shots of food and more from Japan

Refinery29 – one of my favorite sites with a great feed. Recent Bangkok photos amazed

And of course me! Bhague

A few of my photos and ones from the people listed above are below.

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Posted on December 7, 2011

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