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the inspector lynley mysteriesAt no time is a mild mystery show better than when you have a cold and are resting with a cup a tea… and no contemporary mystery show does mild as well as Inspector Lynley Mysteries. Based on the novels by Elizabeth George, an American (Diana Rigg insists on declaring her nationality before each show) these stories, which are set in England, pair an elite, upper class detective played by the debonair (see hunk) Nathaniel Parker and a scrappy, blue collar pain-in-the ass sergeant with a chip on her shoulder named Barbara Havers played by Sharon Small. Of course the two forge a bond that breaks through their disparate backgrounds and manage to solve a few murders along the way; usually at a boarding school or somewhere in the country. PBS, in its uniquely abysmal way, has not made it clear when the new series begins, but instead is playing reruns out of order on Mystery! at random times.

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Posted on September 3, 2007

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