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in the small michael hagueI have told you before that my dad was working on a really sweet graphic novel, and now you can finally buy In the Small. It is an absolutely stunning book and one that my dad has really put his heart and soul into, spending three years to complete the 122 pages of illustrations and convince publishers to let him explore the art of graphic novels.

The story, which has been optioned by Warner Brothers (so cool!) concerns a blue flash of light that turns all humans six inches tall while the rest of the world remains the same. The story focuses on one family's tale of survival from the big city to the country.

The artwork is unlike any other graphic novel you've seen. I know that sounds like hyperbole and, well, he is my dad, but it's true. He has developed his own style over the years, so it stands apart from the styles usually associated with a graphic novel. Along with giant rats, cats, and birds, you might even recognize yours truly, as Jim and I posed for some of the characters.

It is available now and I think you should buy it.

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Posted on May 5, 2008

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