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i'm alan partridgeA perfect companion piece to this week's movie pick. Watch I'm Alan Partridge first to get more inside jokes in the movie. You've seen Steve Coogan here before (in the brilliant Paul and Pauline Calf's Video Diaries) and this series is just as stupendous and even better when it hits.

Coogan plays a washed up tv talk host/ current early morning dj who is living as the only guest in a motel as he tries to get his life and career back together.

The character is complex, pathetic, and downright hilarious. Guest appearances are great (look for the Day Today/Brass Eye's Chris Morris) and the supporting cast are wonderful.

The Coogan catalogue is worth buying PAL format equipment for. The best episode is Basic Alan, I've watched it numerous times and still laugh.

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Posted on August 14, 2006

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