Songs »Iko Iko

by The Dixie Cups (1965), The Bell Stars (1989), James Sugar Boy Crawford (1953)

Wow, between Beetlejuice, Keanu Reeves, Frazetta and the Smiths, I really seem to be revisiting the mid to late eighties with all my heart this week. The trend continues with Iko Iko, a song introduced to me via the Bell Stars rendition in Rainman. Something about the kite festival got it in my head and it’s been pleasantly rattling there ever since. I’ve learned that the Dixie Cups 1965 version is even better (and probably my favorite if I had to pick) and that among many people The Grateful Dead and Cyndi Lauper also have versions. The very first original though, is pretty rocking and fab and comes from James Sugar Boy Crawford. See videos for all these after the jump.

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Posted on May 16, 2010

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