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If Loving You Is WrongNo one wins in this ode to infidelity and bad behavior especially the “wife and children that need him just as much”. Ostensibly this is a sexy song full of passion and lust, but it is also depressing and Jim and I usually remark on how it makes us think of how much of a pain in the ass an affair would be.

Sure, it starts romantically enough in a hotel corridor, but sooner or later it's straight to “Why do you have to spend Christmas with your family? If you don't make time to see me, I'll call your children and tell them what we did last Friday night.”

But bad images aside, this is an artfully sung R&B classic that Luther tears into with the kind of zest that made it a number one hit in 1972. The song was sung by several people before including Rod Stewart and Percy Sledge but this is the definitive version.

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Posted on January 8, 2007

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