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In the sea of information and noise of the internet, there is something soothing and sophisticated about my little sojourns to the blog If Charlie Parker Were a Gunslinger, There'd be a Whole Lot of Dead Copycats (aka tsutpen.blogspot.com). I've begun to stop by the updated sight daily for a bit of calm that washes over me as I take in the hip and inspirational imagery the team of bloggers seek out.

The theme, if you had to apply one, seems to be all things of good taste. You'll find a great series of jazz album art (there's more than 80 images on the site, with this perhaps being my favorite as I do love Pretty things). I also love the impressively large collection of photos called When Legends Gather that feature images of iconic meetings like Linda Blair, Keith Moon and Linda Lovelace or Patti Smith and William S. Burroughs, or Marc Chagall and Golda Meir, or Francis Ford Coppola and Akira Kurosawa, or Rita Hayworth, Yves Montand and Ella Fitzgerald.. it's really enough to make your head spin wondering what they talked about, wishing you could be a time traveling fly on the wall.

They seem to share a fondness for the past which I can relate to, no shots of Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie are to be had here, their idea of a goddess is Joan Blondell (who you can see in glorious action in this week's movie pick The Gold Diggers of 1933). I've really only just begun to dig through their archives, and I already plan to loose hours of my life to it.

Sometimes an image has you begging for more information, but I think that's the real beauty behind this site, it's a great jumping off point to discovering new things. Just who is Audie Murphy??Is Kansas City Confidential one to watch? What's Beware the Man in Black all about (aside from being an awesome title)? And, oh lordy, I must found out more about Screaming Lord Sutch!!

I am quite sure this site will send me on travels online to lots of exciting people and things which I am sure will make it to the pages of this here blog soon enough, so in advance, thanks guys!

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Posted on December 15, 2008

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