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if... lindsay andersonThere are so many great movies about school that could be included in this education-themed list, but most are classics that everyone has seen a million times.

If… is less well known, and unfortunately, without a dvd release date (shame on you Paramount), it is likely to remain that way unless people seek it out at local video stores. You will be rewarded with a smirky, unbelievably charming performance by the quintessential “angry young man” of the 1960s Malcolm McDowell.

This is the first in an increasingly surreal triptych of films by Lindsay Anderson (and, in my mind, the best) which also includes Oh Lucky Man and Britannia Hospital (which, strangely is the only one available on DVD).

McDowell is a prep school student becoming more and more beat down by authority until he and his friends enact revenge.

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Posted on September 18, 2006

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