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idris elbaThere's one man who stalked the low rises of Baltimore that was sure to give all the women hot pants, just the mention of his name can prompt blushing, sometimes even shrieking. Stringer Bell. Or, as he is gradually becoming known, Idris Elba, the handsome intelligent type who only becomes more attractive once one discovers out that he's actually British, swoon.

His recent addition as a no nonsense office wrecker with an unintended effect on women in the Office has only broadened the actor's profile here in the states, probably much more than the subway posters for the Beyonce/ Ali Larter vehicle Obsessed that foolishly hide his beautiful mug up in the top corner. Oh, and my sister just told me he's great in The No 1 Ladies' Detective Agency.

With IMDB there to jog my memory, I now remember that Idris and I are old friends: he starred in the abbreviated 1998 UK vampire show (with British Bob Odenkirk looky-likey Jack Davenport) Ultraviolet, a show that I enjoyed immensely before I began this blog, which is the only reason why I've failed to recommend yet – but it's worth seeking out.

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Posted on April 13, 2009

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