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Sinead O'Connor I want your hands on me Could this really be angry old Sinead O'Connor? She always seemed so cranky that it's hard to imagine her with such carnal passions. It was, at least, a surprise to me at age ten when I was introduced to and fell in love with this song from (surprise, surprise): A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master.

In case your memories of this classic aren't quite as clear as mine, the song is featured in the scene where the big haired girl from Just the Ten of Us (which also starred Freddy's original nemesis, Heather Langenkamp) is working out, prepping her guns for the big show down with Freddy when he appears and promptly turns her into a cockroach then puts her in a roach motel “No Vacancies!!”

Again, I can't imagine that this is where O'Connor envisioned this song gaining popularity, but who knows. It comes off her pre-Nothing Compares To You smash album Lion and the Cobra which was recorded when the troubled lass was only twenty years old. There's also a version featuring MC Lyte, remember her? Well, she just comes in about half way through the song as if she wandered into the wrong place at the wrong time–stick with the original.

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Posted on October 15, 2007

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