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i know where i'm goingMartin Scorsese said of this film “I reached the point of thinking there were no more masterpieces to discover, until I saw I Know Where I'm Going!” It's been a favorite of both my parents for years, they even named two of their dogs after one of the main characters and the island they're trying to sail to.

The film is a romance, but even more so a love letter to the customs, people and landscape of Scotland (it made me wish that color film had been at directors Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger's disposal).

Wendy Hiller plays Joan Webster, a strong-headed city girl who is traveling to the island of Kiloran to fulfill her dream of marrying a wealthy man. Strong winds and fog block her last trip to the isle and she ends up learning the ways of the locals, including a vaguely Prince Charles type whom she falls in love with.

Of course, she has to learn to change her goals and appreciate life beyond money and possessions. A gentle, subtle film–a surprise considering I was expecting my dad to recommend a violent, wild samurai movie.

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Posted on June 11, 2007

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