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Formerly Provence, Hundred Acres was just opened by the same owners, but with a different intention. Whereas Provence was a pricey special event place, this new restaurant is more relaxed and modestly priced, attempting to be the perfect neighborhood spot for dinner. It nearly succeeds.

The setting is nice, though a bit cramped, and while the place seemed over staffed at first, it had filled up by the time we left (our table was reserved for 6:45). There's an interesting list of cocktails, but we stuck to sparkling water.

The highlight of our meal was the appetizer: the excellent lightly battered and asparagus fries. Not at all too greasy or heavy, a shared plate of these started things off well.

For entrees we ordered the whole grilled mackerel and the fried chicken. I was a bit saddened to see the chicken fried rabbit I had read about online was not on the menu, but the restaurant changes its menu daily to reflect what they can purchase at local markets. So even if the mackerel isn't available when you go, I can safely say that they prepare grilled fish fantastically. It was salty and fresh tasting, a total winner.

Sadly, the fried chicken was not. While the crust and accompanying salad were top notch, the chicken meat itself was slimy, dark, and often unedible. It was a real disappointment, but happily not one that cost as much as it would have at other restaurants in the neighborhood.

We concluded our meal with a slice of blueberry pie seved a la mode that nearly made us forget about the bad chicken. Hundred Acres may have to straighten out some of their consistency issues–but it's a welcome affordable and cheery place worth a trip for the asparagus fries alone.

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Posted on June 16, 2008

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