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human giantHuman Giant is back for another season of skit comedy. This is good and bad. Good because Aziz Ansari, Rob Huebel, and Paul Scheer are three funny and charming guys. Bad in that only about half of the show's material really showcases their talent. Sketch comedy is hard, and often can spiral into poop, farts, or cursing (just try The Whitest Kids You Know if that's really your thing).

But before I sound too negative, Human Giant is the funniest show of it's kind airing right now and I do laugh aloud, particularly last season at their Doritos commercial skit. The new season has only just begun. The Criss Angel like duo of the Illusionators are back and I am glad to say their Long Island accents are thicker than ever.

The team was once heralded as the future of comedy, and was meant to revolutionize MTV. I wouldn't take it that far, but it is nice to be able to laugh intentionally at something on that channel.

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Posted on March 17, 2008

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