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hotel delmanoOne of my friends is annoyed that Hotel Delmano uses the word hotel in its name when it is not a hotel. Many people might be annoyed that expensive speakeasy cocktails have come to Williamsburg, along with exclusive regulations. You must be seated by the hostess and there is no admittance once all seats are taken. For those of us that cringe and palpitate in the crowded teenage throng of the Charleston, however, Hotel Delmano's sophisticated rundown grandeur for a grown up but hip crowd is a welcome addition.

The place was opened not too long ago in the old Saved space on Berry and N. 9th and has caught on through slow and quiet word of mouth rather than lots of buzz.?Opened by the same people involved in Union Hall and The Pencil Factory, this has a decidedly more upscale feel and thanks in part to architect Michael Smart, the interior is possibly the most pleasant place to have a drink in the neighborhood, it's just plain gorgeous.

The fourteen dollar custom cocktails faired only slightly worse. I tried the Scoff Law – a whiskey, vermouth, lemon, and pomegranate drink that required slow sipping; it was strong flavor and more than one could have knocked me out. Shaun's equally elaborate tasting Seelbach: bourbon, cointreau, bitters, and sparkling wine was also a doozy. Jim's St. Germaine, however was much more refreshing than feisty. It's not that Shaun and I were unhappy with our drinks, but they almost seemed to require our full concentration, as if we had to be highly aware of the strange melding of flavors we were tasting to make sense of them.

I plan to go again soon and sample a few more of their offerings, I am still looking for a cocktail from them to fall in love with as much as I am enamored with the atmosphere.

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Posted on February 18, 2008

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