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hot pink lemonadeLately I've noticed the sound of world beats emanating from the corner of?Bleecker and Broadway right around lunch time. On closer inspection, it was coming from the health and environmentally conscious juice truck, of course. Oh, and a truck paired with environmental consciousness may not be a total oxymoron: the truck runs on biodegradable fuel, so their website says.

Now, expensive juices are not usually my thing, but even at $5, I couldn't deny that the combination of sweet beet juice, lemon, cucumber, red apple and lime that makes up their Hot Pink Lemonade sounds delicious. And it was. My concern of it being over-sweetened was for naught; in fact, at first sip, the beverage was much tarter and earthier than I expected. It soon won me over and not only with its truly hot pink color.

Keep a lookout on their site for their location as they move around depending on the day and time. The menu also shifts seasonally depending on what fresh ingredients are available.

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Posted on August 25, 2008

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