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whiskey sours home madeWhat do you do when you're working late and all cranky about it? Make a party out of the rest of your night!

I had my friends over, cooked up some tacos, ate Mike's excellent panna cotta (see dessert category) and whipped up some Whiskey Sours. Just look how they turned frowns upside downs.

Whiskey Sours have a bad rep and totally for good reason. That reason is “sour mix” the sugary nastiness that is thoroughly unacceptable to drink. When done correctly though, with fresh lemon juice, a bit of sugar and good rye, a whiskey sour is a really surprisingly refreshing and pleasant beverage.

We're always looking for new cocktail options since we all almost always make old fashioneds in the fall and winter and Shaun's deadly homemade margaritas in the summer and I could see us revisiting this recipe soon.

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Posted on April 14, 2008

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