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holiday cocktail loungeWhy I mention it now?

I really feel terrible about the accuracy of my prophetic write up of the Holiday Cocktail Lounge back in 2006. Just recently, at the age of 89, the proprietor has in fact passed away and now the fate of the classic dive hangs in the balance. It was closed for some time, then re-opened, but for how long no one knows. Stop by for a vodka and cranberry and toast the memory of Stefan Lutak.

Here's what I said back on 12/18/06:

Holiday Cocktail Lounge is one of the few places in the city that when the old bartender is not present, it would not be unreasonable for you peek over the bar to make sure he hasn't died. If he mixes his own drinks (which he mixes a lot) as stiff as the ones he serves, he is lucky to still be alive and if not kicking, at least grumbling and shuffling.

The lights are dim, the booths held together by duct tape, the glasses are often kind of dirty, and while the jukebox can take an awful turn if the wrong NYU student is present with a bunch of coins burning a hole in his pocket, the music is usually pleasantly depressing. In other words, a perfect dive bar with the aforementioned perfect dive bartender.

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Posted on February 16, 2009

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