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hoisin glazed chickenChicken tends to be the last meat on my list to cook. I hate handling it raw, the slimy paleness is unappetizing and I got it into my head that chicken is boooring. But when you get a recipe like Hoisin-Glazed Chicken with Cabbage Slaw, you tend to rethink your long-held judgments.

Hoisin sauce, which is readily available at most grocery stores, is traditionally made with sweet potatoes (although now it's often made with soybean paste), and is actually vegetable based, despite its name meaning “seafood”. It's apparently a sauce full of contradictions and its strong flavor may be over-powering for unadventurous palettes. This recipe, however, is good enough for anyone. Even if you're skeptical of uncooked cabbage like I was.

Like most of my picks, it's a super easy and healthy dinner option with only 272 calories per serving.?

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Posted on January 21, 2008

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