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high voltage ac/dcIt's a shame Bon Scott never lived to see the legacy of his band, the favorite of wrestling fans and bad boyfriends everywhere for decades to come. With Scott on vocals they finally gained wider popularity with Highway to Hell and came back with Brian Johnson with the hit-making Back in Black–both those albums are excellent and deserve their popularity, but haven't we all heard the titular songs a little too often?

Don't get me wrong, this album, which is actually just a combo of the first two releases they had in Australia, sounds pretty much like the other two albums, and pretty much like all AC/DC. You either like their juvenile screeching or you don't, because they never changed.

The two songs to crank if you want them at their most juvenile are She's Got Balls “Hands and knees all around the floor/No one has to tell her what a fella is for” and TNT “Women to the left of me/women to the right/Ain't got no gun, ain't got no knife”.

Okay, so no points for respect, but they're so dumb in their childish, fist pumping way that we can forgive.

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Posted on June 18, 2007

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