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hibiscus macroons bon marcheFrom their happy, girly shades to the delicacy of the cookie itself, French Macaroons have to be one of the most perfectly adorable sweets invented. We ate at La Duree, one of Paris' most famous spot for purchasing these edible little pieces of art – where original owner Pierre Desfontaines Ladur?e created the modern “French” style macaroon.

Not to be confused with coconut macaroons, or the amaretti Italian cookies that inspired them (which I recommended a few weeks back), the French or more specifically Laduree, made the traditional cookie all their own.

I couldn't handle having cookies for breakfast though (instead opted for an amazing omelette), so I waited until later in the day and picked up a few hibiscus flavored ones at the gourmet grocery store in Le Bon Marche (which I suspect may have come from LaDuree anyway).

Just look at the delectable hue! I was almost sad to eat them, but not sad enough to refrain. The light crumbly cookies and the slight layer of ganache are irresistible. These are an absolute must on any trip to Paris.

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Posted on March 2, 2009

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