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hecho en dumboHecho en Dumbo (“made in Dumbo”) serves paninis and wine by day, but once the sun set, they dish out some of the best Mexican around. Chef Danny Mena (The Modern) is very proud of his newest venture. Proud of their use of local ingredients–he works with nearby Foragers Market to get the freshest and local-est; proud of his commitment to traditional and modern Mexican cooking; and proud to support a heritage of culture and art–the restaurant often hosts various artist and musicians.

This love for the food and the setting shows. A far cry from cashing in on the new found adoration of tacos around town, Hecho serves unique dishes, not carbon copy renditions in comfortable rustic chic (but not desperately chic) surroundings. Jim and I wanted to get a taste for the menu, so the sample platter was perfect. Nothing hit a wrong note: the mollettes (bean, cheese and pico de gallo on bread), the burritas, the tacos, and the sopes, all great, but three items really stood out.

I would definitely recommend the flavorful pork tacos (conchinita pibil), the steak filled burritas de res–and the tacos rajas con queso, which are a great option for vegetarians, ae filled with poblano pepper, onion and cheese. Prices are totally reasonable too ($8-$12 for main dishes), so you can also share some fresh guacamole and down some of their (pricier) cocktails. I recommend the nice and spicy Michelada Cubana and the Margarita Tamarindo which, thankfully, bears no resemblance to the overly sweet usual “margarita” monstrosities served in most restaurants.

It's worth noting that the place only sports a small sign saying “caf?” and it's not open on Sundays. Also, try to get there on the early side as the buzz on this worthy addition to the neighborhood is only getting louder.

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Posted on August 4, 2008

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