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heavy metal parking lotWhen you are making a documentary sometimes the stars line up and you get nothing but gold. Heavy Metal Parking Lot has a basic premise, wait in the parking lot of a Dokken and Judas Priest concert and talk to the people, but John Heyn and Jeff Krulik had one of those golden days.

I have seen the same premise, even by the same filmmakers in a shortlived TV show on the shortlived Trio and countless times at film school, but all fail to live up to this 1986 cult classic.

It is available on DVD and can usually be rented at any local “cool” video store where the staff has tattoos and treat you like shit.

Also worth checking out is this amazing 20/20 expose about Heavy Metal (just to hear Barbara Walters say it is hilarity). (Part Two) .

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Posted on July 17, 2006

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