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headless body topless barAlthough it was founded by former Brix Picks hunk Alexander Hamilton in 1801, Australian zillionaire Rupert Murdoch has controlled the paper since the mid 1970s, turning it into the most biased, least credible newspaper around. What lies in store for the Wall Street Journal?

The cover page is always super lurid and, frequently, hilarious. This infamous 1982 headline, which has sparked plays and films, may be considered the pinnacle of their shock-tactic approach, and the story is truly shocking: an ex-con reportedly shot a bartender in the head and made a female customer who was held hostage decapitate the body to get rid of evidence. Grizzly stuff.

But even if this, the paper's most infamous and sensational headline, is 25 years old don't think the Post has grown soft since. Nearly every day there's something eye catching staring up at you from outside the bodega. Did I just see that Keith Richards snorted his father's ashes? That would be FATHER NOSE BEST. Did Leona Helmsley die and give all her money to a dog? RICH BITCH. Was that weird suspected JonBenet Ramsey murderer flown in for interrogation? SNAKE ON A PLANE. Did Ken Lay just pass? CHECK THE COFFIN. Paris was released from prison? VD-Day: Bimbos rejoice.

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Posted on February 11, 2008

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  • From Joe Buddha on June 8, 2013 at 1:35 am

    “Most biased, least credible”? No, sorry, that would be the Times. The Post has long been the best newspaper in New York, by a wide margin.