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HalstonIf anyone should oppose this merger let them peak now or forever hold their peace. Alas, if only such words were proclaimed when this dude decided to be all P-Diddy and J-lo and Stefani… and try to take the place of this man.

Still, Halston would probably be pleased, the star-romancer that he was (he was much too caring and loving with his stars to be called a fucker). After all this is the man who named Warhol as a top friend (would probably be number one on his myspace page), ate White Castles by the dozen with Liz Taylor when she needed it, did cocaine and downed scotch with Liza Minelli when she needed it (not to mention turning her from a shy psycho bag of fun to a well dressed psycho bag of fun), and made the famous Jackie O. pillbox hat.

Outside his personal life, he was a genius to boot, in both fashion and marketing. He made the first simple yet status dress: the classic tie waist shirt dress that everyone with style was wearing at one point. He deformalized the runway, adding music and a casual attitude to the models. He was even way ahead of his time in the way his career was ended. He accepted an offer from JC Penney and lost backing and clients who found it too cheap.

These days H&M, The Gap, and Target are all laughing all the way to the bank by using big name designers for little price goods. Halston was America's first big name celebrity designer and I hope his legacy is carried off with as much grace as women carry off ultra suede.

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Posted on April 23, 2007

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