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hairdresser song stairway to stardomLaughs pick for 7/14/08
Here's what I said then:

I know I have mentioned the fabulous song Hairdresser that has been shown during the Found Footage Festival and to great effect in the TV Carnage Casual Fridays compilation DVD. At nearly five minutes long ( but feeling like fifteen) it's got to be the most infectious amateur lounge song ever recorded.

Jim and I will just start singing it randomly and then… we just can't stop. I feel bad for our friends that get caught in its wake, especially those that have yet to see it. Well, you don't have to wait to see it anymore, friends. Here is the link.

It comes to the world of youtube originally from the Long Island infamous 1980's cable access show “Starway to Stardom”, a talent show with the requisite cable access wicker, room dividers, and potted fake plants and lots of debatably talented kids and weird adults with accents.

It's a cult phenom among those that grew up with it or have discovered clips, and with clips like Hairdresser and it's lyric “tease a Louise – tease a Louise, she must have been a tease a Louise!” you too are about to become a fan.

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Posted on November 3, 2008

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