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gym teacher the moviePaul Dinello directs Gym Teacher: The Movie while old pal from Strangers with Candy, Amy Sedaris guest stars as a horny oddball principal. Also joining them in the fun that is evident they were all having while shooting this is David Alan Grier, aka “Dag” who is as funny (Boomerang) or awful (In Living Color, Thank God You're Here) as his material. Chris Kattan opens the made for Nickelodeon movie as an obnoxious sports blooper show host and is funny for the first time in his life while Bruce Jenner is also there to remind us how odd he looks now.

The star of the show however, is Chris Meloni a man who has made a career as the serious Law and Order: SVU detective Elliot Stabler and as a bisexual serial killer on Oz before that. From his sideline career choices like Wet Hot American Summer, Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle, Scrubs and this, one would guess that like fellow award winning actor, John C Reilly, there's a passion for the goofy and to make people laugh. He fascinates me for this reason, like a cool guy that hangs out with the weird theater kids to their shock and delight and that's why it's so hard to write that he is unfortunately the weakest link in this movie.

The role of the gym teacher seems like it was custom fit for Stephen Colbert's tricky lovable jerk style. Maybe we was just too busy to give his old friends the time of day?or maybe I am just imagining it, but Meloni, feels less like a lovable jerk and more like a genuinely strange person. It's also a bit long. I'm not really sure if it was necessary to make it a full two hours and if it were, maybe Denillo should have featured himself (barely even in this as a shop teacher) and Sedaris in it more.

Still, I can sometimes love myself a goofy tween sports comedy and especially towards the beginning, there are some genuine laughs here. Plus it's been awhile since I watch something on Nick or Disney (but I still remember you fondly, Even Stevens) ad it's great, after some heavy reading, long nights at work, or any of the other things going on this week in my life, to watch some thing dumb but entertaining that's sponsored by something called “Puppy in my Pocket“.

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Posted on September 22, 2008

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