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gridskipper mapWhy do I mention it now?

Gridskipper was sold off by the Denton empire leaving its fate up in air. Fortunately the same people who run Curbed picked it up and it's as helpful as ever. It recently gave me lots of tips for spots to shop, eat, and drink at in London and Paris.

Here's what I said back on 10/22/07:

Even though the Denton empire has become a big ball of incestuous linking, it's hard to complain when the sister sites are as good as gridskipper. The maps, which feature top choices on a particular topic and concise reviews, are the site's best feature and they're not just limited to New York, you can find the best indie rock bars in Paris; where to get breakfast in Sydney or where to get lingerie in San Francisco.

For my friends who travel, this worldly approach makes it an indispensable tool. Even though it lacks the mean spiritedness of Gawker or Defamer, we assume it's still run and written by persnickety people who aren't going to just recommend the usual suspects. Of course, there are plenty of NYC guides too. I can't wait to try all the oyster spots and weirdest meats.

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Posted on February 16, 2009

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