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The Greenpoint Food Market is a brand new local centric spot that launched last week near McGolrick Park. Open from noon to six every Saturday, the market has something for any food lover. My favorite purchase: spicy pickled heirloom cucumbers. The company, Brooklyn Brine, is working on a whiskey barrel pickle that will be ready soon.

We also got a delicious ginger syrup from Morris Kitchen that mixes well with seltzer and will be fantastic when I try it in some cocktail concoctions, sticky, yummy pecan pie from Dixie, sweet and yummy pumpkin butter from Skimkim (will have to get a bag of their flavored popcorn next time), excellent curry lentil soup from The Soup Spoon , Bing Means Pancake scallion pancakes(best to eat them right off the pan while they're still warm) and we took home some tea eggs.

Support local businesses! And take a look at all my photos at RC!

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Posted on September 21, 2009

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