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Green Animals Topiary GardensWe've been to several mansion tours and one thing we always come across are the angry old ladies who work there who can't wait to yell at kids like us and stare everyone down with a suspicious hairy eyeball. Green Animals has an entirely different vibe, it's as friendly and cuddly as these adorable hug hungry teddy bears. The Gardens can be included in many Newport mansion tour packages and, even though it is a short drive away, I highly recommend you fit it in if you're in the area.

The estate was purchased by Thomas Brayton who paid Joseph Carreiro to sculpt the imaginative and impressive beginnings of the topiaries. His daughter Alice Brayton carried on the tradition in 1940, giving the estate its name and willing it to The Preservation Society when she died. The park is open until mid-November, so there's still time to visit before the season ends.

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Posted on September 24, 2007

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