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gosford park robert altmanDuring Robert Altman's illustrious career, he made some of my very favorite films of all time. Nashville, Short Cuts, The Player, and Brewster Mc Cloud to name a few. It was always hard to witness when he didn't hit the mark with films like Ready to Wear and Dr. T and the Women. So in 2001, when Gosford Park was released to glowing reviews, I was ecstatic.

If you missed seeing this instant classic, rent it right away. It is one of those films I could watch at any time, any day and find more to love with each viewing. The cast is phenomenal with Maggie Smith, Clive Owen, Helen Mirren, Richard E Grant, and Stephen Fry particularly standing out, but it would be unfair to leave anyone out. Even in minor parts, sublime actors like Derek Jacobi and Michael Gambon are perfect.

In fact, this is a perfect movie over all. One that mixes the classic British traditions of manor house melodramas like Upstairs, Downstairs and the who done it murder mysteries of Agatha Christie. Altman fuses these traditions with a very modern sense of humor and his famous realistic ensemble techniques.

It was so sad when he passed away, but happily for us he did he left behind the delightful and flawless Gosford Park.

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Posted on May 19, 2008

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