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gordon ramsays kitchen nightmaresAs far as I can tell, Gordon Ramsay alternates between an honest, genuine chef who wants nothing more than for people to succeed and do their best and an evil pockmarked bastard who fucking hates fucking everything.

I've never watched his Fox reality show Hell's Kitchen (aside from clips on The Soup) because, frankly, if I wanted that much yelling I'd either become one of those brokers who screams nonsense and talks with their hands or I'd go to prison.

I happened upon Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares by accident and was pleasantly surprised. Sure he's still profane, even when talking about a chef who's gone to the hospital: “(he's) been rushed to the hospital and I hope to hell he's okay. It was a fucking shock” and so on), but the show is really absorbing and informative.

With the restaurant industry becoming a huge fascination for me–and the world at large lately–and being an industry where so many huge endeavors fail, his insights (though tough) on some of the places that aren't thriving are pretty fascinating.

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Posted on August 20, 2007

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