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cyndi lauper goonies r good enoughMy friends and watched this music video the other night and it still gets me right here (in the heart). I recall vividly the night my sister and I were allowed to stay up for the premiere of the video–the totally bonkers, amazingly fun, wrestler cameo filled, 12 minute video that still blows my mind. There are two parts (the same song, more plot) and it features The Bangles, most of the Goonies cast, Andr? the Giant, Captain Lou Albano, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Steven Spielberg, and most importantly, the giant octopus that got cut from the final cut of the movie.

I remember listening to the song on repeat over and over and over on my Walkman, straggling behind my mom at the mall, day dreaming of Corey Feldman and massive backyard adventures. I remember that I even cleaned my room (probably the only time in my life) because it was my dad's ingenious stipulation for me seeing Goonies on opening day. Ooooh. Can't you just remember how fun it was to get excited as a kid? It makes me happy that it still happens with the Harry Potter movies and such.

So it's sad to learn that the glorious Miss Lauper does not share my enthusiasm. She admitted that she actually hates the song and has excluded it from her compilation albums. And that video that looks like the most fun an unusual gal could ever hope to have? According to Lauper, it was a horrendous and exhausting experience. Oh well.

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Posted on July 21, 2008

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