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Goodbye Horses by Q LazzarusI never would have thought the “It puts the lotion in the basket!” theme song was sung by a mysterious, glitzy black lady. And I never would have thought the Silence of the Lambs people would have been so foolish as to not put it on the motion picture soundtrack–but there you are.

At least Jonathan Demme had better sense when putting together the Married to the Mob soundtrack, which, by the way (and oddly enough), was one of my favorite movies as a pre-teen. I used to have my dad put it on and I would dance to the opening song “Mambo Italiano” over and over. Demme has a gift for choosing songs, I'll give him that.

This is a spectacular, catchy and gloomy electro pop number that is equally at home playing on the juke box at the gay bar the Phoenix or from the all-in-one cd/radio player in a gothy college freshman's dorm.

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Posted on January 15, 2007

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